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The shotgun is the latest and the most sophisticated ballistic manmade tool to undermine the wildlife. It's just the latest in a series chronologically tools that human being has produced to procure meat during various eras, besides spears, daggers, traps, bows, slingshots, blowguns and crossbows.

Shotgun structure
The shotguns are distinguished into three main groups:

  • shotguns - shoot broken ammunition (bullets);
  • rifles - firing ammunition only (bullet);
  • rifles combined - with two or three rods of which at least one smooth and at least one rifled;



(1) STOCK - The stock of the rifle has the purpose to take up the weapon locking it firmly to the body of the hunter. The type of handle is essential for a correct position of the rifle; depending on the type, there are three fundamental types of stock. It must be perfectly structured for the hunter anatomy according to three fundamental aspects: length, bending, advantage.


(3) SAFETY - It's a device which has the purpose to block the movement of the triggers, but not that of the batteries, and essentially prevents the shots explosion.

(4) BOLT HANDLE - Key used to open the rifle.


(6) MAGAZINE - This is one of the most important sections of the shotgun seat of the firing mechanisms. In overlapping and in the doublets, the opening of this device is entrusted to a lever (4). Inside of the receiver are the batteries that are intended to activate the mechanism which drives the percussion.

(7) FOREARM - It's the wooden component that is located under the barrel. Its function is to provide grip to the hand.

(8) BARREL - The barrel of shotguns should ensure a high degree of safety and a good ballistic performance.

(9) MUZZLE - The muzzle has the aim to reduce the dispersion of the shot.



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