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Hunting License

The Hunting License

The hunting license is obtained after a theoretical and a practical examination, which focuses on knowledge of wildlife, law on hunting, use of firearms and environmental issues.

Required documents to request access to the examination:

  • Admission Request
  • Valid medical certificate;
  • Two signed passport photos;
  • Certificate of residence;
  • Two stamps to € 10.33;
  • Photocopy of military leave or certificate of legal paper in the shooting, released by the National Shooting;

The documentation should be delivered to the Police Station responsible for the territory.​

The hunting exercise involves the assignment of a regional card where the hunter will record, during the day or at the end of the same, the type of chosen hunting and hunted game.

How to be in compliance with the documents during the shoot?
During the exercise of hunting is necessary to bring along the following documents:

• Valid Hunting License;
• Firearm Export License (if not fitted with weapons, the Reserve has rifles to use in hunting day).

The Company shall carry out all the documents, including permission to hunt in the reserve, insurance costs against any damage caused during the exercise of hunting and regional tax concession, for a cost of € 130.00 . The insurance is valid for one year.

For the first year, the hunter must be accompanied by another hunter in possession of a hunting license for at least three years.



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